Welcome to the musical portion of my closet. Along with being a wardrobe stylist I am a musician as well! I've been writing songs since the age of 13 and now I've extended my craft into engineering and production. I have provided a few projects that I have released over the past few years. Thank you for listening and there is much more on the way!!

Presenting my 2nd released mixtape entitled Nex Year Spring Collection hosted by D.J. Flash Gee! I took the opportunity to share some well written 16 bar verses of mine to historic hip hop beats. I also share some stories of my life through segments of the tape in this was recorded and engineered by yours truly!

Presenting this heartfelt piece entitled "The 4evers" about 3 legendary voices that made this world better!

I wanted to have a little fun so here is my release entitled,"Therafly"which is my remix to "Way Too Cold" by Kanye West!

Presenting my first released mixtape entitled, "Nextape" hosted by the dopplegang!! This is a 9 minute set where I am sharing remix versions of classic songs with my own original lyrics! Cover artwork by Taylor Taylor!

This piece is entitled "De Nuevo" which is translated as again. The music from this piece is entitled "Falling Slowly" which won an Oscar award for best song by Glen Hansard.

This piece is entitled "No Sweat" and you will recognize the sound from the classic ballad by Keith Sweat! My DJ wanted me to make my own version of this song so hear it is featuring vocals by my big brother Clifton Oliver!

This song is very special to my heart because it is dedicated to my family! The day I wrote and released this, Jay-Z and Beyonce's child Blu Ivory Carter was born. Jay-Z released this song moments after her birth and i released my remix soon after. This ones for my family!

This collaboration is entitled, "Mama's Boys" by my big Brother Clifton Oliver and I dedicated to our amazing mother. This is our remix to the classic song , "You Don't Know What It's like".

This song is entitled, "Denim Knows Best" which is the first release from my junior mixtape,"7 Daze Of Someher".

Connex live from Hollywood reciting some lines from one of his latest rhymes!

Connex live from the basement of Watermark Tower in downtown LA next to FIDM!
CONNEX live from the living room of actress Rolanda Watts!!